Friday, August 7, 2009

A dream and such.

Last night Jake brought me a towel after I had forgotten it. I realized he was really nice and sometimes I don't deserve that.
We talked about dreams and goals and getting there. I realized I've never stayed friends with people that didn't have dreams and goals that they actually tried to achieve. I realized I love my friends and sometimes I don't deserve them.

I had a weird dream last night. Heather had a party at a house I had just bought with an indoor pool -it wasn't fancy. She ran off to smoke pot with some tall beautiful black model girl and her boyfriend. I felt really left out in the dream. I think the main message in this dream isn't that I might be feeling left out of a friends life, but that I really wanted to share that ganja. Yes, that must be it.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Yesterday's Summer Walk

The sky is shifting into a sort of colorful collage of clouds and sky that is reminiscent of a bad painting from the 80's. It's funny how things from the past can tarnish one's opinion of things that are natural- like the sky on this warm late summer's day.
We just walked from Cleveland to Falls park- Jake and I that is. The warmth of the day was starting to settle into a warm evening. The signs of night were creeping up on us, but weren't yet becoming prevalent in the tidings of the sky. The freshly fallen rain had made the hot air taste moist and fresh and the steam from the river could still be seen rising into oblivion. Jake and I didn't talk much, but the scene of evening falling over the park didn't allow much room for the noise of human interaction.
The overgrowth of weeds and plants from the river had begun to finally spill over onto the freshly lawn, giving the look of the river a likeness to a young and virginal girl from a long ago painting I've yet to see. The nats buzzing in groups, probably gossiping about the drama of the day. In the distance the sound of crickets could be heard pulsing louder and louder as night began to crawl into view. The first of lightening bugs began join the nighttime parade. The scene was sweet, like the tea they serve here or the way people speak here. This sleepy Carolina summer was definitely swelling into another season. The atmosphere was only just beginning to change into a crisp and yellow fall- but only just. The only way one could tell would be to look at the colors of the sky.
As we got closer to our bench I asked Jake if he knew what bugs those were. I have always wondered, but he said- just as I had thought- that they might just be nats. The water was swollen from the days rain. Our bench was wet, but we didn't mind. We sat down just the same, water dripping from the trees that ages ago might have seemed miles up in the sky to me. My heart was beating faster than usual from the brisk walk, my skin flushed with exercise. I looked up and I saw the changing patterns in the sky.
This sky is beautiful, even if it looks like it might be hanging in a bedroom someone still thinks is considered interior design. This time of summer is my favorite, just before fall, but just after the arid days of summer. This summer has been pretty wet, and I'm hoping this means bright orange, red, and yellow leaves speckling the dry cold earth this fall. I can just imagine slipping into a Halloween costume and rushing out into a cold October night to go find something to do this Hallows Eve. I can imagine my hair curly and blowing in the Thanksgiving wind with nothing but a sweater and jeans to wrap up in. And then the end of fall and nothing but the Christmas cheers to look forward to.